How many of us have an overflowing garage or shed? A wild west of old equipment, furniture, tools and memories.

It’s the age-old job, emptying the garage or shed on a Saturday afternoon to “sort it out once and for all”.


But what if you had a system in place that meant it was always sorted?

What if you could have a permanently tidy garage or shed because you chose the right storage solutions?

Well, it’s not a far-off dream – it can be a reality. So take a look at these storage options we’ve compiled and fix that nightmare garage you’ve been putting off all year.


Storage Boxes and Small Parts Bins

We’ve all been there. A pile of random assorted bits and bobs is the closest we’ve got to neat and tidy, but it’s mainly down to the lack of plastic storage boxes available to us.

Below are our favourite solutions to that problem, boxes and bins that will allow you to sort your belongings effectively.


Nestable Really Useful Boxes

A cut above your usual plastic storage box, the Really Useful Box is great for a wide range of commercial and domestic storage solutions.

Store toys, tools and any other gear you have lying around with these handy plastic storage boxes.

Plastic Storage Box


Plastic Parts Bins and Pick Bins

What about all the little bits that get left behind?

The screws, nails, washers and parts that we forget about? Well, the corrugated plastic parts bins are ideal for storage on your workbench or garage shelving.

Small Parts Bins



Outdoor Storage Boxes

The ultimate storage solution for those bulkier items, the outdoor storage boxes from Tufferman solve inconvenient storage problems with minimal hassle and offer room to breathe with 330L of capacity. As if that wasn’t enough, these boxes also provide additional space as they can be placed outside in the garden should you run out of room in the garage.

Outdoor Storage Boxes


Half Height and Full Height Storage Cupboards

Complete with adjustable shelves, these half or full height cupboards are the comprehensive storage solution for your garage or shed.

Perfect for those larger items, or for multiple appliances.

Storage Cabinet


Plastic Storage Units

Declutter your workbenches and workspaces with these ideal plastic storage units from Tufferman.

With twelve drawers to categorise and compartmentalise your loose ends, this is ideal for your shed or garage.


Plastic Storage Drawers


Tool Organiser with Parts Bins

Complete with pre-drilled holes for fixing to the wall, this great value peg wall tool rack is ideal for finally sorting out that tool area you have in your garage.

Scattered half empty toolboxes are destined for the scrap heap with this tool organiser to help keep your garage in shape.

It’s even made from impact and moisture-resistant material!

Tool Rack


Garage Shelving and Shed Shelving

You might have the biggest garage or shed going, but it means nothing if you’ve got nowhere to store your belongings.

Leaning possessions up against walls just won’t do, and it doesn’t have to with Tufferman garage and shed shelving.

Take a look at these fantastic options for storing your garage odds and ends below.


Storalex Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

Able to store up to 280kg on each shelf, these heavy-duty shelves are the perfect solution for your garage.

The shelves are ready to go in minutes thanks to quick and easy boltless snap in assembly features and have moveable support beams so you can even configure the shelf supports to match the required load.

Garage Shelving Units


PTR Plastic Shelving

For a smaller, more affordable option the PTR plastic shelving is a fantastic option.

Great value, light duty plastic shelving bays are great for stacking plastic storage boxes and other assorted belongings.

The plastic surfaces make it easy to clean and are resistant to moisture, oil and rust. Each shelf is rate to hold up to 20kg UDL.

Plastic Shelving Units


3x Storalex VRS Garage Shelving with 37L Plastic Storage Boxes

This great value set of three garage shelving units are idea to kit out your storage area.

Coming complete with tough, clear plastic storage boxes, this really is the ideal middle ground for your garage storing up to 280kg on each shelf.

VRS Garage Shelving


2x Storalex VRS Heavy Duty Half Height Garage and Shed Shelving

Arguably the most versatile shed or garage storage solution available, these half height shelve units come with one three level shelving unit and one two level shelving unit.

Each half height shed shelving unit can hold up to 280kg.

Half Height Garage Shelving