A workbench is a must-have for any garage, shed, or home workshop. Just like an industrial workbench, your home workbench has to withstand the same rigorous tasks - tool support, drilling, sawing and repair work. So it’s important to have a workbench that works just as hard as you.

Tufferman stocks a range of industrial and residential workbenches made from high grade, powder-coated European steel. They also have strong chipboard shelving and worktops for outstanding rigidity, strength and durability. Browse our range of residential and industrial workbenches here.

Looking for a workbench for your home workshop, but not sure where to start? We can help. Read on to discover the best workbenches for a home workshop. 

What will your home workbench be used for?

Workbenches aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ item. There are many different types of workbenches that come in a range of materials and sizes, all designed for specific purposes.

Think about what activities your workbench needs to handle and let that be your guide. Ideal for frequent home and business use, our workbenches have a load capacity ranging from 200kg to over 800kg per shelf, ideal for storing heavy items.


What should you consider when choosing your workbench?

Portable or static

Do you need your workbench to move, or stay in one spot? Portable workbenches come with wheels that allow you to move the workbench around your workspace. Static workbenches, on the other hand, can’t move at all. 

Portable workbenches are ideal if you need to move heavy items around your garage or workshop. Static workbenches are best suited for activities that don't require a lot of transportation.

Size and weight load

Think about the space you have available, and what weight the workbench will bear. This will help you determine the size you’ll need. Head to our website to search for a workbench by height, length and depth.

Surface material

Industrial workbenches come in a range of materials - including chipboard, melamine, metal and galvanised steel. The right material for your workbench will depend on what you’ll use it for.

For example, if you're sawing heavy materials, a stainless steel workbench will be better suited to your needs. If you’re using your workbench for DIY crafts, a chipboard workbench will do just fine.  

Best for gardening

If your legs and arms ache after an afternoon in the garden, you might benefit from a potting/gardening workbench.

A potting bench, or gardening table, is a workbench used for small gardening tasks like transplanting seedlings. 

If you’re planning to work with big pots, then we recommend something with a large worktop. And choose a bench with a slatted shelf and/or metal mesh to hang small tools. Something with multiple storage options always makes for a good, all-rounder potting bench. You could say it makes it unbeleafable.   


Best for storage

Unintentional or not, your home workshop or garage is often the dumping ground for everything - gardening tools, old toys, work equipment - the list goes on. 

If you’re going to keep a workbench in your cluttered garage, why not kill two birds with one stone and choose a bench with storage? An organised garage and more space to work? Brilliant!

Our Storalex SX200 range of heavy-duty workbenches come with four 35L storage boxes, all super tough and super durable. Perfect for organising your work tools, important documents or odds and ends, these boxes are fitted with dependable lids and sturdy handles. In fact, our Really Useful Boxes are known for being bulletproof!

Tufferman workbenches are generally easy to construct and require minimal tools to put together. That’s because they have a boltless construction design - so anyone can put this bench together. You’ll be on your way to an organised garage in no time. 

And for extra peace of mind, these hardy workbenches are covered by the Storalex 5 Year Guarantee - a British brand that's synonymous with quality.


Best for woodworking 

If you're looking for a woodwork bench to support your next carpentry project, you'll need something that's heavy, rigid and can withstand movement and pressure. A good woodworking bench has a hardwood top two or more inches thick and comes with two vices - one at the tail, the other at the front. 

So what do you need to look for in a woodworking bench? Something that strikes the right balance of sturdy, attractive and affordable. Choose a bench that has at least a one-inch-thick butcher block, adjustable levelling feet and a backsplash. 

Best for organising tools

The Mr or Mrs Fixit in your life needs a workbench that does more than just offer a space to work. They need a place for all their tools. And we have just the thing.

Wall mountable tool racks are ideal for keeping your tools and small parts stored safely and securely. So choose a Tufferman workbench with added wall mounted tool rack to keep your tools organised and ready for your next project. 

Our tool racks are ideal for tidying up tools in garages, sheds and workshops. 

Made from tough, impact and moisture-resistant polypropylene, these tool racks feature a Storalex black plastic mountable panel with full-width, ridged openings so you can attach your heavy tools with ease. With pre-drilled holes for stress-free wall fixing and easy clip-in tool hooks, installing your tool rack is as easy as packing your tools away. 

Our wall mounted tool rack/organiser is suitable for all workspaces, such as:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Light industrial units
  • Utility rooms


Like all of our high-quality products, these tool racks are covered by the Storalex 5 Year Guarantee. So you can rest easy knowing your irreplaceable tools are in safe hands.

Best for electronics

A good electronic workbench needs plenty of storage for all the fiddly bits that come with creating and repairing electronic fixtures, appliances, and items. They also often come with a built-in power source to test your work as you repair it. 

Your electronic workbench needs to be stocked with features - such as lined drawers and a light over the tabletop workspace. And look for a bench with shelving to store away the many pieces that tend to clutter an electronics-oriented workbench.

With a thick wood base and strong steel frame, this is a must-have for any electronic repair aficionado. 


Looking for reliable workbenches for your home workshop? Visit Tufferman and browse our extensive range of industrial shelving, racks, workbenches and simple storing solutions. 

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