Whilst there is a focus on racking, shelving and other storage solutions, there is often an oversight. True, the focus on storage solutions may be correct, but the flooring on which your racking stands is just as important.

Having an entire floor refit is a tough challenge, but the flexibility of interlocking floor tiles allows you to change the design, size, and requirements of your flooring as and when you need to.

If you’re not sure about what you might need, or what you’re looking for, check out this handy guide we’ve put together below.


What are interlocking floor tiles?

As the name suggests, this type of flooring consists of jigsaw-like pieces of flooring that lock together when assembled.

Suitable for cars, racking, shelving and even forklifts, heavy duty interlocking floor tiles are versatile enough to suit the garage at home or the warehouse at work. The beauty of these tiles is their versatility, durability and flexibility. When installed correctly and to the correct measurements, they’ll end up looking like the original floor and slot in seamlessly.

But are they right for you? Well, they’re versatile enough to fit most settings, so let’s look at how they’re fitted and the benefits they bring.


How to fit heavy duty interlocking floor tiles

The key benefit of this type of flooring is the ease of installation, as the tiles arrive separated ready for assembly.

Simply start by placing the first tile either in the centre of the floor or in the centre of the main entrance then simply work outwards. The jigsaw style fitting setup makes this quick and easy, which your own team can complete. For our comprehensive floor tile fitting guide click here.

The beauty of this setup is that although the assembly is quick and easy, the flooring is heavy duty and can accommodate all manner of loads and weight.

Furthermore, the tiling can be rearranged should you need to change the configuration or layout of your flooring.


Why should you choose interlocking floor tiles?

With the flexibility that they offer, as well as the ease of installation, interlocking floor tiles are suitable for almost all environments. The many benefits of this type of flooring are making it increasingly popular.

The key benefit that attracts most people to these tiles is the ease of installation. Your own team can install the flooring as opposed to having a contractor come in at great expense to lay the flooring for you. The flooring can be laid with or without an adhesive, although it is recommended to use an adhesive on an area that will have high or heavy traffic.

Once the flooring has been installed, it is durable and heavy duty enough to stay put long-term, but also versatile enough to be reconfigured at a later date if needs be. This is ideal for warehouses that have seasonal fluctuations and need to reconfigure their space as more stock comes in.

The heavy-duty flooring comes in checker plate, coin plate and tread plate patterns to provide and anti-slip surface. Further, they’re also resistant to oils, chemicals, acids and solvents – so truly heavy duty then. If damage does occur to a tile, simply replace the single tile instead of the whole flooring.

The flooring is easy to clean and maintain, giving it a longer life and keeping your warehouse of garage looking sharp. Furthermore, the flooring provides a better surface to walk on – reducing fatigue and impact on legs and joints. Interlocking flooring also provides thermal and acoustic insulation, making the warehouse or garage a far better place to work all day.


Are interlocking floor tiles right for my business or home?

The answer to this question all depends on your needs, however, the versatility of the flooring means that the chances are that they will be right for you.

For garages and automotive industries, the flooring is durable enough to take the weight of a vehicle and oil spills so would suit them down to the ground. For a retail warehouse, the flooring can take a forklift and heavy racking so there’s no issue there either. Furthermore, for your home, the flooring neatens up your garage and protects the flooring.

If you’re still undecided as to whether PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles are right for you, contact one of our customer support team members and we can guide you through the process. We also have a handy floor tile calculator on our website that can help you work out how many tiles you’ll need and how much it would cost.