Not every warehouse, or indeed household, has the spending power of national or global organisations. So it’s important to consider the options for those looking to level up their storage solutions on a limited budget. Further, industrial shelving or warehouse racking might not even be the most appropriate option for some organisations or households. There are a number of different options available to those on a budget, not least in terms of shelving. To help out those that don’t have a dedicated budget to their warehouse, we’ve put together a guide to help them through the decision-making process for storage solutions on a budget.

Budget Shelving

Plastic shelving is always a fantastic go-to for budget storage solutions, and the PTR Plastic Shelving units are no different. Brilliant for offices, garages, or damp environments, these plastic shelving kits are easy to put together and wipe down. They’re also able to hold up to 20kg, so do a solid job of holding a decent amount of weight when evenly distributed. Elsewhere, a single Storalex VRS Industrial Shelving unit will carry 280kg and set you back less than £60. For storage and weight capabilities like that, it’s a bargain.

Mezzanine Flooring

A great way to maximise space and get the most out of your warehouse is through mezzanine flooring. They’re a cost-effective way to increase floorspace by making the most of overhead space – without the traditional cost of a building expansion.

Expanding Upwards

If there’s not enough space to expand your warehouse outwards, expanding upwards is always a great solution. Taller warehouse racking with more levels is an efficient way to make the most of overhead space, without the expense of installing a mezzanine floor.

Warehouse Accessories

Sometimes, you don’t even need warehouse racking – smaller storage solutions will do the trick for you. Items such as plastic storage boxes, tote boxes, parts bins and wall mounted storage can be a lifesaver in terms of storage space. Small parts bins can come from as little as £9.99, while plastic storage boxes start from £11.99.

Wrapping Things Up

It’s clear to see that there are a number of options available to those on a budget, and for more solutions you can visit the Tufferman budget solutions page. These solutions won’t hold as much as heavy duty or industrial shelving and are designed for light-duty storage. However, for garages, sheds and offices, they are ideal.