Keeping your warehouse organised and in tip-top shape is one of the biggest challenges warehouse managers face. And for those with a small distribution centre, storage space can often be almost non-existent. You need something that can handle a heavy load while offering more storage and maximising your warehouse space. So what’s the solution? Industrial heavy duty shelving, of course!

Tufferman supplies a range of shelving that has been specially designed for warehousing and industrial storage. Most of our metal shelving is made from high-grade European steel and thick chipboard, while others are crafted from melamine. Melamine is a smooth finish that can easily be wiped clean, making it suitable for warehouses that stock products that can leak or spill. Chipboard on the other hand has a rough finish, suitable for stock that won’t damage shelves with messy leaks. Although, chipboard is perfectly suitable for products or stock that won’t leave a mess. 

All heavy duty shelving also has multiple support beams. The result? A shelving solution that offers superior rigidity and strength - as well as a prolonged life. Browse our range of shelving options here.

Looking for some shelving options for your warehouse, but not sure where to start? We can help. Read on to discover new warehouse organisation ideas with heavy duty shelving.


Does your warehouse need heavy duty shelving?

If your workplace is experiencing a high number of accidents, despite implementing safety guidelines, you might want to consider shelving to get your warehouse in order. Lack of space or lack of organisation in your warehouse can cause accidents. Packaging, boxes and supplies quickly accumulate becoming a potential tripping hazard for staff and/or machinery. 

If your warehouse team is having trouble labelling and identifying the products you’re storing, it might be time to install some more shelving. Storing your products and supplies in an orderly manner will improve operational efficiency as people are able to locate exactly what they need when they need it. 


What to look for in heavy duty shelving

Weight capacity 

Your warehouse is busy - hauling in stock, dragging it back out again, and everything in between. You need shelving that can withstand the pressure.


Our Storalex SX range of metal shelving offers load per shelf (UDL) from 200kg up to 800kg. How can they hold so much? Because of the way they’re made - from high grade, powder-coated, European steel and single upright construction. This makes them very strong, long-lasting and durable.

Product guarantees 

What’s worse than not having the proper storage solution for your warehouse? Installing shelving that breaks within a few days. That’s why you need shelving that will cover you in case of any unseen accidents.

For extra peace of mind, our heavy duty shelving units are covered by the Storalex 5 Year Guarantee - a British brand that's synonymous with quality.

Compliance with safety standards

Check if your new shelving meets safety and quality standards to ensure that your warehouse remains a safe place to work. 

All of Tufferman’s shelving has been rigorously tested to strict European Federation of Material Handling (FEM) standards, as well as the ISO 9001 quality requirements.


Storalex SX200 Industrial Shelving - 2440mm

Do you need a storage system that your warehouse can use every day? The Storalex SX200 Industrial Shelving - 2440mm is a sturdy unit suitable for frequent use in commercial environments. Not only will this beauty last you a lifetime, but it can also support up to a whopping 200kg UDL per shelf - that’s a total load capacity of 1,200kg UDL per day!

With quick and easy construction and an assembly mallet provided with each order, these shelves have a boltless ‘stud & keyhole’ design - making installation a breeze. 

Use the Storalex SX200 Industrial Shelving - 2440mm for:

  • Regular Picking
  • Archive and document storage
  • Small parts storage
  • Light boxes
  • Domestic items


Storalex VRS Industrial Shelving - 325kg

Are you looking for a shelving system that will make your work life easier? Storalex VRS Industrial Shelving - 325kg is a quick and easy solution to clean up and organise your storage space. And thanks to the innovative boltless assembly system, they’ll be ready to use in minutes.

Arguably the most versatile shelving system on the market, these units feature dual support beams - making these some of the strongest, most durable shelves available. And for extra adaptability, this shelf has individual levels that are adjustable every 35mm - meaning that you can finally have a storage solution that suits your unique needs.

Use the Storalex VRS Industrial Shelving - 325kg for:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Stockrooms
  • Light industrial units
  • Utility rooms


Storalex VRS Shelving - Grey with Nestable Really Useful Boxes

Nothing screams organisation like neat, labelled boxes. Thankfully, our Storalex VRS Shelving - Grey with Nestable Really Useful Boxes come with some super handy boxes so you can store away all your warehouse’s bits and pieces in a safe, secure location.

Each 33.5L plastic box is clear to make it easier to see what is inside and made from super-tough, impact-resistant material. Not only are they sturdy, but these boxes are also designed to cope with extreme temperatures (-15 and +80 degrees, to be exact), making them ideal for storing items in rough conditions.

Use the Storalex VRS Shelving - Grey with Nestable Really Useful Boxes for:

  • Light industrial units
  • Utility rooms
  • Stockrooms
  • Garages
  • Sheds


Storalex HRX Super Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving - 600kg

Sometimes you need to store something a little bigger than average. That’s when you need our Storalex HRX Super Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving - 600kg. These extra-wide industrial shelving units are just what you’re looking for to organise all your large products and tools.

At 1600mm wide, each level can hold up to an evenly distributed 600kg. And every unit is engineered to last a lifetime with flush fitting MDF boards and a thick, rust-resistant grey powder coating.

Use the Storalex HRX Super Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving - 600kg for:

  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Stockrooms
  • Light industrial units
  • Factories


Are you looking for reliable equipment for your warehouse? Visit Tufferman and browse our extensive range of industrial shelving, racks, workbenches and simple storing solutions. 

Our 15,000 square foot warehouses are located just outside Chelmsford in Essex and stock the complete range of products listed on our website. Weekly deliveries directly from the manufacturer ensure that this stock is always maintained, enabling us to offer immediate dispatch - even next day delivery. View our full range here