Everything you need to know about garage floor tiles

When you think of how to improve your garage space, what do you think of? Adding more storage space? Installing a place to display your tools? What about a new paint job? Those are obvious. But what about the floor?

Long gone are the days of working on cold cement. Garage flooring has come a long way over the years. And garage floor tiles are becoming more popular every day.

Tufferman garage floor tiles are a great way to instantly improve the appearance and usability of your garage, workshop or warehouse. Our Storalex PVC garage floor tiles are a hard-wearing, slip-resistant flooring solution with anti-fatigue properties designed to withstand heavy daily use in working environments such as factories, workshops, warehouses and garages.

Considering garage floor tiles for your warehouse or workspace, but not sure where to start? We can help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about garage floor tiles.

What are garage floor tiles?

Known for its durability, long life and comfort, a garage floor tile is a PVC floor cover cut into the shape of a tile. These tiles can then be installed over your existing garage floor to protect it from spills, chemicals, oils and any other damage.

Our Storalex PVC Garage Floor Tiles are made from a custom blend that offers the same durability as rubber flooring, with the chemical resistance of PVC. And thanks to its interlocking edges, installing your garage floor tiles is a snap.

Benefits of garage floor tiles

Easily absorbs sound and temperature Our PVC garage floor tiles provide both thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to their soundproofing properties and synthetic material. That way, you can work on your DIY project without bothering the neighbours. And for warehouses, this means that your employees can work in a more comfortable environment.

Mould and water-resistant

Garages may be susceptible to rainwater or leaks and spills from the car. They also generally don't have ventilation which will result in mould. Thankfully, garage floor tiles are water-resistant and won’t go mouldy if any pesky leaks aren’t cleaned up. So your garage floor will always look good as the day you first installed it. Our tiles are also resistant to most chemicals, oils, acids and solvents.

More comfortable to stand on

Garage floor tiles provide a softer surface layer to walk on, reducing fatigue in legs and joints. Now you can spend hours working comfortably on your car, or unloading the latest stock delivery.

Our PVC garage floor tiles are also strong enough to handle the weight of a car jack. In fact, they’ve been manufactured to withstand cars, vans, forklift trucks and pallet trucks.

Garage tile patterns

All garage tiles have patterns on them. What pattern your garage tiles have will depend on their function.

Our interlocking floor tiles are available in three designs:

  • Checker Plate
  • Coin
  • Tread Plate

These designs offer the most slip-resistance of any garage floor tile. This provides both a safer work environment for your warehouse workers and an accident-free space in your garage.

All three pattern designs can also be purchased with ramped edges to improve the overall finish and to create easier access.

How to install garage floor tiles

Installing your new garage floor tiles is simple. For small, low traffic areas all you need is a Stanley knife. Larger installations, like a factory or warehouse, will require a guillotine or jigsaw.

Follow our easy steps to install your garage floor tiles without fuss:

  • Lay down the tiles and lock them all together. You can use a rubber mallet to gently pound the tiles in place.
  • Trim the tabs with a Stanley knife to fit around moulding or tricky corners.
  • Is your space a little smaller? Make narrow strips by cutting the tiles with a table saw. Just remember to leave the tabs intact so you can still lock it in place to a full-sized tile.

Garage floor tiles can be laid with or without adhesive. However, we recommend using adhesive for high traffic areas where forklifts and pallet trucks are being used.

And the best thing about garage floor tiles? You won’t need to re-lay the entire floor if a few tiles become damaged. You can easily replace individual tiles without any hassle at all.

How to clean your garage tiles

Cleaning garage floor tiles is a little different from cleaning other garage flooring options. That’s because these tiles are made from a non-porous polymer. This means that dirt and grime will sit on top of the tiles, rather than in the tiles, like bare concrete.

Use the following tips to clean your garage tiles:

  • Use a dust mop or a soft-bristled broom to wipe away any dirt and dust that sits on top of the tile.
  • Vacuum the tiles using the floor brush attachment. This will break up any loose dry mud and debris.
  • If partially dirty, mop the tiles with an ammonia-based non-sudsing floor cleaner.
  • Use a rag or soft scrub pad dipped in a cleaning solution to buff out any scuff marks.

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