6 Ways to Maximise your Warehouse Space Using Industrial Shelving

Keeping your warehouse inventory organised is one of the biggest challenges warehouse managers face, particularly if your distribution centre is small. Over time, a warehouse naturally accumulates inventory, and if that inventory is not taken care of, it can build up, creating an untidy hazardous warehouse that’s difficult to work in. So, what’s the solution? Well, industrial shelving and heavy-duty shelving is a great place to start. 

Industrial shelving and heavy-duty shelving, along with other industrial storage solutions, can keep your warehouse in tip-top shape. Neat, tidy and hazard-free. Read on to discover 6 ways to maximise your warehouse space. But first, let’s talk about the dangers of an untidy warehouse...

5 dangers of an untidy warehouse

Negative client perception 

A messy warehouse can most certainly influence the perception of your company. To a potential customer or supplier visiting the site, a disorganised warehouse could indicate a lack of organisation in your business. Seeing a warehouse in complete disarray won’t fill your potential client with confidence in your ability to manage and ship products in an efficient or effective manner. 

Reflects negatively on management 

The state of your warehouse can represent your management team too. A well-organised warehouse signals to your employees that you are committed to supporting them in their day-to-day work by keeping their workspace clean and tidy, allowing them to work more efficiently. 

Decreases efficiency and productivity

The key to organisation is placement. In an organised warehouse, everything has a place. An untidy warehouse often means that there are items in places they shouldn’t be. Slowly but surely, the items start to pile up creating hazardous pathways and bottlenecks in shifting inventory around. In an organised warehouse, everything has a place. Inventory is organised neatly, pathways are free and people can work efficiently and productively. 

Decreases employee morale 

No one likes working in a mess. Untidy and disorganised work environments can create stress in the workplace decreasing productivity. If it’s too difficult to get around the space, or even worse, hazardous, it may affect your employees’ morale. Remember, an organised workplace is a happy workplace!


Now that we understand the dangers of an untidy workplace, let’s look at ways to maximise warehouse space with industrial shelving and heavy duty metal shelving


Evaluate your current storage solutions 

The first thing you’ll need to do is assess your current storage solutions. Take stock of all your storage spaces, making notes of what is stored where and how. Speak to your site manager and/or staff to get feedback on your current storage to see what’s working and what’s not. 

Study your warehouse space

Once you’ve reviewed your storage solutions, we recommend studying the building to determine how the space can be better utilized. The four fundamental factors to consider when designing or redesigning your warehouse are:


Your warehouse should have a logical flow or sequence of operations. Think about the activities that need to be done and arrange your inventory in a way that supports the order of those activities. 


Inventory should be stored in a way that is accessible. The best way to ensure that your staff can access products easily and efficiently is through effective storage. Proper shelving and racks allow your products to be accessed easily. To view our range of industrial shelving, visit our website HERE


The majority of the space should be used for stock and operational functions, as opposed to office space, working areas or storage for empty boxes or pallets, for example. 


The amount of material or items passing through your warehouse needs to be considered. Define the handling characteristics of the items - like dimensions. Consider how the product needs to be handled and ensure you have enough space to accommodate that handling. 

Extend shelving vertically with industrial shelving

Vertical space is key! The easiest and quickest way to optimise your warehouse space is to extend shelving vertically. Industrial shelves come in a range of materials, sizes and with varying weight limits. The shelf you choose will depend on your space and what product you intend to store. If you’re unsure what shelf is best suited to your warehouse, contact us HERE

Heavy-duty shelving is typically constructed from steel, suitable for an industrial and commercial environment. The shelves are generally easy to construct and require minimal tools to erect. Steel shelves are one of the more durable shelving types on the market, as they can withstand weight, changes to temperatures and moisture. 

Open and unrestricted, shelving is great for product visibility, helping your staff easily access what they need, when they need it. Your shelving can also be customised according to your needs. 

Tufferman has a range of storing and shelving solutions for your warehouse. We are proud to stock Storalex, one of the world’s most trusted and reliable shelving solutions brands. Units of Storalex shelving have been sold in the UK for over 25 years. View our range of Storalex racks and heavy-duty shelving HERE.

Combine and consolidate

You might find that you have multiple locations where you store the same item. We recommend consolidating these items, putting them in one place instead of multiple locations across your warehouse. And remember, you can’t get organised without the right equipment. Organize your items with storage boxes and containers to keep your warehouse neat and tidy. 

Check and extend the depth of storage

If you can’t keep going up, go out. Deepening the depth of your storage racks can help create additional space for you to store inventory. 


Tufferman's range of warehouse racking, industrial shelving as well as a storeroom and garage shelving units provide efficient storage solutions for both business premises and the home. Our heavy-duty metal shelving and racking units are made from high grade, powder-coated steel which offers superior rigidity and strength as well as a prolonged life. 


All of our metal and plastic shelving units use a boltless construction design which means assembly and adjustment are quick and require no tools. The majority of our metal shelving units are held in stock and can be dispatched the same day. View our range of shelving and rack units HERE.

Keep it simple 

The best solutions are always simple. Storage solutions shouldn’t be complicated. Tufferman believes in ‘Simplifying Storage’, which is why we offer simple products from solid brands. If you’re looking to maximise your warehouse space, we invite you to browse our website for storage solutions that’ll not just maximise your warehouse, but maximise your business potential too.